Thanks again and again and again for making the first of each month a day to look forward to for almost an entire month.” - Mark Uwland


“…a luscious synthesis of language and sound.” - Ethan Z Lee


“…brings back to music what the labels have destroyed, and continue to destroy.” – Cerebus


Carla and Matthias are the greatest musical couple since Clara and Robert Schumann.” -Valse


The future of music distribution? That’d be nice.” – anonymous


The stars shall form constellations for your bardic hymns and melodies… Angels tear their hair out in jealousy.” - Jesse Piety


Beautiful. So, so beautiful.” - Meredith Yayanos


Rich, real, interesting, moving and beautiful.” - Andrea Kihlstedt


Rabbit Rabbit Radio is the musical equivalent of getting an organic farm box delivered to your desk every month!” – Monica Lundy


Absolutely stunning.” - Paul McNees



“… truly wondrous.” -  joanne ‏@jo


“It’s such a terrific project. Rabbit Rabbit Radio is as Inspired as it is Inspiring.” - Melea Seward ‏@boardofus


“What a way to force yourself to be creative, non-stop:” - Doug Cook ‏@ablegrape


“Subscribe to listen, read, and watch — it’s fantastic!” - Contemporaneous ‏@econtemp



“I’ve been listening to this month’s song on repeat. LOVE IT!” - Michael Furie


“This is PHENOMENAL! …it completely blew me away!” - Kelly Payton


”Loving this whole adventure. …Such a fan!” - Kristy Foye


“If you aren’t a part of Rabbit Rabbit Radio, why aren’t you??” - Anthony Kibort


“Carla’s… singing has gone beyond wonderful to amazing. Thank you…for sharing your art/life with us. May Rabbit Rabbit run evermore.” - Jon Szanto


“I am so amazed by the first issue of Rabbit Rabbit Radio!” - David Bloom


“I can not stop counting the days till RRR kicks off. It has taken over my life in the BEST possible way.” - Robert Suthard




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Rabbit Rabbit Radio Review


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Rabbit Rabbit Radio
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Rabbit Rabbit Radio is As Inspired As It is Inspiring.
Chief Amusement Designer, Melea Seward